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At Digitery we try hard to make our clients look more impressive than the competition, but at a lower cost level. Get more information on our valuable digital marketing and lead generation opportunities.

Website Design

The internet is increasingly becoming the first port of call for customers looking to find products, services, or information. If your website doesn't match your competitors' or (heaven forbid!) you don't have a website, you are missing out on valuable digital marketing and lead generation opportunities.

Conversely, we have met a multitude of organisations that believe that getting a website is the answer to all of their sales and communication problems. Working on the ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy, they are bound for disappointment – when visitors don’t come and sales don’t improve.

From the outset the problem is often one of expectation. Understanding what can be achieved, in what timeframe and at what cost is the real essence of why some websites are successful and others are, shall we say, less so.

A good website should have a number of imperatives:

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    It should be built to do the job it was intended for. Information delivery, sales, brand building the options a varied. Many websites start well and are built to a brief. Over time they are adapted with new pages and sections, resulting in a website that is no longer based on the original site map.
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    Operationally the website should provide the visitor with a pleasant experience. Visually the site should deliver the best possible interface, the content should be targeted at the intended audience and the navigation should be crisp and simple.
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    Most important of all, the website should get found. This means it must, if possible, rank organically on page one of Google, which requires a strong SEO support. The alternative is that you will spend heavily on PPC (pay per click) and this can become problematic if not managed well.

At the ​Digitery we specialise in producing web solutions that work, delivering measurable results by harnessing the full potential of the web.

Digitery’s development team comprises of: web engineers and app developers, designers, SEO specialists, link builders, content writers. We can build sites from the small 6 page stand alone to the highly complex database driven ecommerce and lead generation sites.

Our build quality is exceptional because we have all our sites independently graded at the end of each project to enable us to make good any oversights before beta-testing and uploading. Operating under best practice guideline with CSS and WC3 compliance as the benchmark our sites offer turbo charged performance.

​SEO - get found

​As a company we have no particular allegiance to new or old media, our solution is always results orientated – whatever drives traffic and conversion is the right answer. Research shows that consumers value organic listings higher than paid for options.

​Our commitment to straightforward organic search, in preference to PPC, means that we invest a great deal of time in our website optimisation programmes. From the basic on-page SEO with quality keyword / key phrase research with solid page links, to a wide range of offsite SEO including the building of inbound link structures with high page rank sites.