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Burnley Print and Digital Marketing

Print and Digital Marketing are more powerful together

When it comes to advertising your company, most people know to invest in digital marketing strategies. These approaches are cost-effective, easy to track, and easy to change if the current path is not working perfectly. And the really good news is that Digitery can deliver both.

The importance of a solid digital marketing strategy cannot be overstated, as it is an important way to increase brand awareness.

However, print marketing is just as important. When companies combine the powers of print marketing with digital advertising, they are able to achieve impressive results. The key is finding the perfect way to combine both approaches, so they complement one another.

There are numerous ways you can achieve this goal. With recent technological advances, print technology is more affordable now than ever before, meaning that there is no reason to avoid this powerful combination.

A business card should do more than introduce you

Business cards are one of the few aspects of print marketing that have stood the test of time. People still make frequent use of business cards, giving them to new contacts at networking events and using them to collect valuable contact information. Creating an eye-catching business card is a great way to make the perfect first impression on a new contact. Make sure you make the business card work add in a description of what you do, perhaps a product image, include your company’s social media information and website, encouraging your new networking contacts to engage with your brand online.

Don’t Overlook the Potential of direct mail

After May 2018 the GDPR ruling states that databases held by most companies can no longer be used unless you can get them to double opt-in. Companies who do not comply will be fined.

The good news is that this ruling does not apply to direct mail. You can continue to send information to your existing prospect data via direct mail.

Postcards or mailcards are one of the most cost-effective, yet most efficient forms of print advertising still used today. It is a fantastic promotional tool; one that crosses industries. It is physical, it will land on a targets desk or doormat, it can be seen by multiple people (providing it is creatively produced), providing it has something the prospect is interested in it will be retained for long periods until a desire for that product or service is apparent.

Sending postcards out is a great way to notify your target market of upcoming sales, offers, or promotions.

Unlike email marketing which is low cost but has a relatively poor open rate, direct mail is something that will end up on your targets desk.

To make this a more powerful tool, include links to your online presence, such as your website and social media channels. Invite your customers to interact with you online, sharing their experiences with your services or products.

Another way you can make the most out of this type of marketing campaign is to include a discount code. This motivates your customers to visit your online store, while also giving you a tool to track the progress of your marketing campaign. While email marketing is still effective, using the postcard strategy is a great way to offer your customers something tangible to interact with, which often results in a larger response.

The brochure is still the perfect foil for your web presence

No one likes to spend money on brochure print, but not doing so is a false economy. In some industries, such as home improvements, it has become the silent salesman, building desire for a product or service after you have left the showroom. So simple, sit on the sofa and leaf through the brochure.

Wherever possible, use tracked links or QR codes on your printed materials. This gives you the chance to track the success of your print campaign using a digital source. Make sure the URLs you include are short and easy to remember, to encourage your customers to visit your website. Alternatively, consider using QR codes to take visitors to the specific web page you want them to visit.

Make the Most of Your Positive Reviews

All business owners know they should ask happy and satisfied customers to leave testimonials, both for publication on the website and through social media pages such as Facebook and Yelp.

Make the most of these reviews by also including quotes on your promotional materials. For example, if you run a consulting company, include a testimonials section on your printed material with a few positive excerpts.

Customers rely on word of mouth when they are investigating a new company, even quotes from those they do not know. By including this material, you can direct the customer to your website to read more testimonials and to discover more about your brand.

Never Forget Your Call to Action

It is important to include a call to action (CTA) in all print and digital marketing. It is particularly useful when used in print advertisements and campaigns, encouraging your target market to visit you online and learn more about how your brand can offer them the specific solutions they need. There are numerous ways you can combine the power of print advertising with the cost-effective approach of digital marketing.

Take the time to figure out how you can use both of these marketing strategies to meet your own advertising and sales goals. It can help you identify ways to attract new customers while also maintaining the interest of your current ones.

Contact us at Digitery in Burnley Lancashire if you have questions or concerns, or to help you customise a combined print and digital marketing plan today.